Smart Turn.

Odo Bike is a light, smart and alluringly designed cargo e-bike rickshaw for emerging smart cities. Odo will increase your efficiency and get you back an hour or two every day, to spend with your family and friends instead in traffic, while a distinctive sillhouette isbound to turn heads along the way.

Going green.

Odo Bike solar panel will recharge your battery within a few hours, allowing it to run on a clean, renewable energy. Odo electric drive comes with both mid-drive and hub motors and are available with various battery packs for custom performance.

Your second

Odo bike's cabine offers space for the driver and up to three kids in the back. Large cargo compartment for groceries or luggage is available under the back seat. Odo offer a transparent rain cover for both sides and are easily placed to provide the ride all year round. Odo bike is the most convenient alternative to your second car.

Safety first.

Odo bike maximizes safety. The side of the bike facing the traffic is closed off, providing a safe trip for your whole family. The comfort of the little ones is our highest priority. Also, if you decide to partner up with us, the closed side of Odo will provide a large advertising surface for our clients that would love to advertise on your Odo.


City in
your hand.

Odo app saves your time and helps you find the easiest and fastest root through your city. It will help you rediscover your city and find new angles for your daily commute. An app that set our cities in a completely new motion. Coming soon!

Google Play and App Store apps are coming soon

Become our

You can become odo Ride partner at any time by clicking the button in the app. Let your Odo work for you and repay itself in less that a year! Share your everyday routs with us and we'll provide both both the clients and advertising material, and split the fee with you!

Google Play and App Store apps are coming soon